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Tuesday, 21 September 2010



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Oh Ireland, the land of the leprechaun, Mystery, the black nectar in a glass and of course it's beautiful Fair city of Dublin. There are some very nice Dublin hotels varying from Deluxe to mid range  and cheap. So i thought i would write a review about three of them that may be of interest to the would be travelers amongst you.

The Merrion hotel
Merrion st, Dublin 2

This hotel is pure luxury and is classed as the top hotel in Dublin.You would not think so from the outside,but inside it's pure heaven. The building is a listed property and it has been restored to the modern building of today. Located opposite the Irish Parliament, about 5 Min's walk from St Stephens green and close to Grafton St Trinity college, Museums, Art galleries and Temple bar. It has 145 rooms and suites all decorated to the highest Irish standard and great care has been taken to retain all of the Georgian style features.Also you have the Cellar bar which is located in the 18th century wine vaults under the Georgian town houses which form the main house of the hotel. There are also two restaurants, Patrick Guilbaud's,which is a 2 star Michelin restaurant and the cellar restaurant which is for informal and fun dining with an Irish Flair. Prices per night in this hotel can be around 150 Euros,but that's what you have to pay for pure luxury.

The Gresham hotel
23 upper O'Connell Street, Dublin 1
This has been Dublin's landmark since 1817  and it maintains the elegance of that period. It has chandeliers and liveried doormen that greet guests in the oldy worldy style. All of it's bedrooms are large and have private bathrooms,voice-mail,direct dial phones,TV,hairdryer and garment press.The Aberdeen restaurant has a fantastic reputation and you can enjoy a chat with the locals over a pint of Guinness in the hotel bar.They also have a fitness centre and conference facilities.The hotel is situated in the centre of Dublin's main thoroughfare,O'Connell Street.Prices range from 40-70 Euros per night depending on the season.

Blooms Hotel
Temple Bar, Dublin

This is a lively City centre Hotel in the historic temple bar area,the hub of the city's nightlife and cultural activities. All rooms are en suite with all the normal extras.It has it's own nightclub and is located close to all the major shops,theaters,restaurants, Art galleries and Museums.The Hotel has 86 bedrooms,all decorated to a high standard.All floors are served by an elevator and there is a fully licensed bar with live music. Also dining at blooms can be an enjoyable experience again with traditional and classic dishes and lighter meals and snacks are available during the day. Prices range from 40-70 Euros again depending on the season.

So pack your bags one day and give Dublin a visit and i a very sure that you won't regret it and the trip will linger on in your mind forever.

Friday, 17 September 2010



When i was stationed in Germany, we went to Switzerland and then drove back through France and Belgium, but we never did make it to Paris. Sometimes i wish we had, because when you think of Paris, you think of romance with someone special in your life. So i thought i would write a short review of some nice Hotels in Paris city centre .


This beautiful hotel is situated in a famous area of Paris close to the Champs Elysee's area and you can't get more romantic than that. This is where the perfume houses, fine restaurants and trendy boutiques can be found. It's a lady's paradise and they will feel like they have gone the heaven. The hotel has large rooms with marble bathrooms and full facilities. The hotel has two outstanding restaurants and is a 5 star category hotel .


This hotel is located South of the River Seine not far from Invalides. The hotel is within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower. Mind you i would need a parachute with me before i went up that thing ha!. People report that there are many good restaurants and classy bars in the area. The rooms have recently been renovated and are medium in size and it is a great place to stay if you are on a budget holiday. The rooms have an en-suite bathroom, satellite TV and internet access. Meals, the hotel offers breakfast and a buffet every day.


The Grand hotel Dore, is a magic little hotel with cozy medium sized rooms and was renovated in 2006. The hotel got a high satisfaction rating in trip advisor  top 8%. It has a small sized lobby 1 lift and 6 floors. This hotel does not have a restaurant, however breakfast is served on the ground floor.Not literally of course otherwise they would not be in the top 8% ha!. It is a 3 star hotel managed by one of the oldest established families  in the hotel business  and it is close to the main city attractions.

So i hope one day you can find the time to go to Paris and for the kids Euro Disney is not that far away. What a day out for them that would be.      

Thursday, 12 August 2010


I just thought i would write a short review about fishing in Canada,something dear to my heart. The nice thing about getting to Toronto by air is that there are many CHEAP FLIGHTS TO TORONTO
That will not cost you an arm and a leg to get there.
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Ontario has 250,000 lakes and miles and miles of rivers and people from around the globe come to experience some of the finest fishing in the world. There are a wide range of fishing possibilities in Ontario but the most overlooked are the areas in the residents own back yard. Any lake river or pond, may be a place to catch that monster,or the one that got away (or did it really ha!).
In the Greater Toronto area, there are more than 50 public waterways, with public access to many freshwater species. One of the many places to go is on a short boat ride from downtown Toronto. That is to some of the Toronto islands and at certain times of the year you may be able to catch that monster pike you have always dreamed about. Made a mistake once by putting my hand into a pikes mouth to get the hook out without wearing a glove and the thing bit me. Well, to shouts of *?*$*$? thing that hurts, i had to toddle off to hospital to get some stitches for a deep cut. No wonder they call the Pike the freshwater shark.
The GTA, puts more than one and a half million fish into the lakes, rivers and pond every year for the urban angler.The majority being within the Lake Ontario watershed. Rivers that run into the Lake,such as the Humber,which is also a river in the North of England, and the Credit are stocked with Brown and rainbow trout, Chinook,Coho and some Atlantic Salmon. They can be caught along riverbanks,from areas along the Lake Ontario waterfront or out in a boat. Most of these places are not to far from your hotel or guest house.so get  Cheap flights to Toronto  
and enjoy fishing in an anglers paradise.



I just thought i would take some time out and write a short review of three out of the way places that you can find with Orlando holidays .


Located in central Florida at the head of the Everglades, between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South orange blossom trail. This is a magic place of mini prehistoric monsters and it's totally different than all the other attractions you would see in Orlando. I first bumped into a wild Gator In Belize, at least i think it was. It had a pointy snout and teeth and it didn't half make my backside tweak when i saw it. They have very neat and interesting displays about different types of alligators and crocodiles and it's the only attraction around where you can See the true Florida. Kids are fascinated by the great shows they put on at Gatorland.


Located in the heart of Disney world at the contemporary resort marina. This is another magic place where you can go para sailing or take a trip around the seven seas lagoon. Start of with a delicious breakfast at the wave and then of you go para sailing and up in the air you can see all of Disney and downtown Orlando. The prices can be a bit high, but it's well worth it for this once in a life time experience. You can also go on a jet skiing tour through Disney, seeing everything from Space mountain to Cinderella's castle and the helpful guide will stop and answer any questions that you have on the way.


Located at Seaworld drive Orlando, this is a tropical oasis paradise,where you can swim with the dolphins and there is other fantastic wildlife and snorkeling. Again it can be expensive, the breakfast is minimal, however the lunch menu is great everything is included even beer if you want it. But the best things are the interaction with the animals. Kids love petting the rays and swimming with the Dolphins. Also the can feed the birds and rays and the beautiful tropical fish and you can also get a tour of the shark reef, but i would not advise watching Jaws before you do that. The whole day can last from about 9 am - 3pm, so it's well worth a family day out and it keeps the kids totally entertained

Tuesday, 10 August 2010



When i was in the military i was stationed in the South of England and London was only about an hour by train from where i was stationed. So quite often i would hop on the local train and spend a long weekend in London.
If you know what you are looking for you can find hotels in London city centre centre, that are very cheap and nice places to stay. So i thought  i would write a short review about two of them.

DAYS HOTEL WATERLOO.                                                     
Kennington Road  Se17bj  London United Kingdom

This is a great family orientated hotel with 162 en suite rooms, also it has a cafe, bar and lobby plus WLAN Internet access. The bar and lounge are open 24 hrs a day and is a great place to relax with good company.
The nice furnished rooms have en suite bathrooms with a power shower, i tried one of those once, got the setting wrong, thought i had set it to warm but set it to cold. That was a shock and a half i can tell you that.You get tea and coffee making facilities, TV with free view and sky channels a nice double bed and you can regulate the heating settings yourself.

The hotel is only a ten minute walk from Waterloo station, standing across from the imperial war museum, this central locate hotel is great for the west end theatres, shopping and most other things that go on in a capital city like London. The city airport is about 15 kn from the hotel and Heathrow airport about 29 km away.
Now this is the best bit, prices start at only £58.25 per night.

THISTLE CITY BARBICAN.                                                        
Central Street Clerkenwell  Ec1v 8ds London United Kingdom

This is a 6 storey main building and a 5 storey neighbouring building , built in 1968 and renovated in 2000. It is situated at the edge of London's square mile and close to the Barbican centre. The hotel has 463 bedrooms including executive and superior rooms and wireless internet is available.

The rooms have en suite bathrooms, hairdryer, a direct dial telephone satellite cable TV, Intenet accesess, a fridge, central heating and a hire safe. The hotel has a health and leisure club and swimming pool. Also there is a gym for sports enthusiasts.

The hotel is located close to the town centre and is near the underground network as it is called in London. Most othe places in the world it is called the Metro. There are plenty of shops, bars and nightclubs in the area and the hotel staff can give you all the info on the local area that you need.

Prices start from £84.39 per night, which again is a fantastic price for a hotel in one of the most expensive city's in the world.

Well, i hope this has been a little help to any would be travellers to London and you can always get more info on the net.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010



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There are lots of Mediterranean Cruises  with all sorts of places to visit,so i thought i would write about some nice places to see if you ever go on a cruise to the Canary Islands. I went to Gran Canaria and stayed in a hotel in Las Palmas in 1986 and it was a fantastic place then and i don't suppose that it has changed very much today. So here are my three choices which i hope you will like.


This fantastic park includes an enormous volcanic crater some 48 km in circumference,must have been one hell of a bang when that went off.The park itself is 2000 metres above sea level and in winter you have gale force winds which sometimes close the roads,not due to snow but to sandstorms. The landscape gives one the impression of one of the old Clint Eastwood cowboy movies, maybe they where filmed there,and the temp can get to aroung 40 degrees C. You can get access to the volcano either by foot or by cable car and on a clear day from the summit you have a fantastic view of Gran Canaria. This is a most visited attraction and not to be missed.


Archaeologists scoffed when a local newspaper said that they had found step pyramids on Tenerife. Saying that they were only agricultural stone terraces. Later they found out that these were niether terraces or random piles of stone. They were almost the same as found in Mexico,Peru and ancient Mesopotamia. So go and have a visit and maybe the lost city of atlantis theory is alive and well and living there.


Now this place is a tourist mecca built in the late 1960's and it is the place where North Europeans come and party. So if you want noise and fun staying up all night then this is the place for you. With row upon row of British pubs and fish and chip shops this is a home from home for those who don't like Spanish food and want to spend the nights in the coolest hotspots and sleep it off on the beach the next day.

Take a cruise some day,i am not saying that you will get to see these places that i have just written about. So if not, there are many more attractions you can arrange to see from the staff on board ship.



One day i would like to go for my holidays to Miami and do some thing which is very dear to my heart and that is go big game fishing. The nearsest i got to it was Belize in 1984,but alas i did not even catch a worm,so much for the early bird eh! So i have done a little research and thought i would write a few lines on the subject.

The magic blue waters of Miami brings all types of anglers. Yo may be the angler who has been fishing since childhood and it is a life long passion or the total novice who wants to experience big game fishing at first hand. The scream of the reel and the rod doubled over as you strike into a monster sailfish must be awsome indeed. The place is full of charter boats with experienced captains who will guide you through every aspect of big game fishing.

For families with kids fishing can be arranged a  bit closer to the shore so that they can catch a wide variety of small bottom fish. Miami is best known for swordfish,sailfish,wahoo,dorado and a list of other big game fish including grouper,giant red snapper and others whilst fishing the wrecks of Miami.

Just imagine catching a giant red snapper and later having a barby on the beach as the sun goes down. Pure paradise so it would be me hearties. So if you can afford it give it a try and one day maybe so will i.  

Monday, 12 July 2010



I used to live in Renfrew near Paisley and i used to love going to Edinburgh at the weekends.It's one of the most beautiful city's in the world and for a good holiday you can find cheap hotels in edinburgh city centre. Strange thing about Edinburgh is that it is built on extinct volcanoes atop an inlet from the North sea,the Firth of Forth and it is surrounded by rolling hills Lochs and forests . The city is a magic place of elegant streets,cobbled alleys and sunsets to die for.You may have a problem with the local dialect i know i did,only cracked it after living in Scotland for nine years.

Pronounced (Edin-burra) is also a busy and noisy place. The buildings in this magic capital city are out of this world,from the historic houses of The Royal mile,to the Georgian terraces of the new town.Edinburgh's most famous castle is a must for all visitors. There are fantastic views from the castle wall including a clear view of the distant sea.Well unless it's foggy of course.The castle sits high on a rock formation in defiance of any invader.

Edinburgh is a fantastic family destination,take the kids for a ride on a double decker bus and that will open their bright little eyes.Also a trip to the zoo is a good day out,i found one of my long lost relations there. For the adults among us the night life is fantastic in some really ole worldy settings and there is always the question of which is the best malt whisky in the world.

I hope you enjoyed this short insight into a beautiful city,please give it a try someday i can promise you it will be worth your while.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010



It would be nice to take aBoston city break i alaways think of Boston and the famous tea party,but being British the less said about that,the better.
Boston was first a town in 1630 and then a city in 1822. I t is one of the oldest cities in the United States.It started of a a very small community and became the hub of social and political change.

Many cities are well recognised by their skyline. Whereas Boston has its vibrant neighborhoods which gives boston its stength. Places like South Boston ,Mid Dorchester and Dorchester itself. All hugging a beautiful coatline and if you love fishing as i do,then you can't go wrong.

Here are  a few free things to do in Boston.

HARVARD SQUARE - The home of Harvard university and also more than 300 registered street performers.
BUNKER HILL MONUMENT - climb 294 steps for a fantastic view of the Boston skyline.
BEST CELLARS - free weeknight wine tasting from 5 to 8 p.m and weekends 2 to 5 p.m.
USS CONSTITUTION - also known as old Ironsides,it cruises Boston harbor.Take a tour of the Naval yard,exhibit hall and the oldest floating warship in the world.

I hope you have liked this insight into Boston,but the best way is to take a visit and see for yourself,then you can make your own mind up about the place. Take care and be safe out there.