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Thursday, 12 August 2010


I just thought i would write a short review about fishing in Canada,something dear to my heart. The nice thing about getting to Toronto by air is that there are many CHEAP FLIGHTS TO TORONTO
That will not cost you an arm and a leg to get there.
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Ontario has 250,000 lakes and miles and miles of rivers and people from around the globe come to experience some of the finest fishing in the world. There are a wide range of fishing possibilities in Ontario but the most overlooked are the areas in the residents own back yard. Any lake river or pond, may be a place to catch that monster,or the one that got away (or did it really ha!).
In the Greater Toronto area, there are more than 50 public waterways, with public access to many freshwater species. One of the many places to go is on a short boat ride from downtown Toronto. That is to some of the Toronto islands and at certain times of the year you may be able to catch that monster pike you have always dreamed about. Made a mistake once by putting my hand into a pikes mouth to get the hook out without wearing a glove and the thing bit me. Well, to shouts of *?*$*$? thing that hurts, i had to toddle off to hospital to get some stitches for a deep cut. No wonder they call the Pike the freshwater shark.
The GTA, puts more than one and a half million fish into the lakes, rivers and pond every year for the urban angler.The majority being within the Lake Ontario watershed. Rivers that run into the Lake,such as the Humber,which is also a river in the North of England, and the Credit are stocked with Brown and rainbow trout, Chinook,Coho and some Atlantic Salmon. They can be caught along riverbanks,from areas along the Lake Ontario waterfront or out in a boat. Most of these places are not to far from your hotel or guest house.so get  Cheap flights to Toronto  
and enjoy fishing in an anglers paradise.

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