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Monday, 12 July 2010



I used to live in Renfrew near Paisley and i used to love going to Edinburgh at the weekends.It's one of the most beautiful city's in the world and for a good holiday you can find cheap hotels in edinburgh city centre. Strange thing about Edinburgh is that it is built on extinct volcanoes atop an inlet from the North sea,the Firth of Forth and it is surrounded by rolling hills Lochs and forests . The city is a magic place of elegant streets,cobbled alleys and sunsets to die for.You may have a problem with the local dialect i know i did,only cracked it after living in Scotland for nine years.

Pronounced (Edin-burra) is also a busy and noisy place. The buildings in this magic capital city are out of this world,from the historic houses of The Royal mile,to the Georgian terraces of the new town.Edinburgh's most famous castle is a must for all visitors. There are fantastic views from the castle wall including a clear view of the distant sea.Well unless it's foggy of course.The castle sits high on a rock formation in defiance of any invader.

Edinburgh is a fantastic family destination,take the kids for a ride on a double decker bus and that will open their bright little eyes.Also a trip to the zoo is a good day out,i found one of my long lost relations there. For the adults among us the night life is fantastic in some really ole worldy settings and there is always the question of which is the best malt whisky in the world.

I hope you enjoyed this short insight into a beautiful city,please give it a try someday i can promise you it will be worth your while.

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