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Thursday, 12 August 2010



I just thought i would take some time out and write a short review of three out of the way places that you can find with Orlando holidays .


Located in central Florida at the head of the Everglades, between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South orange blossom trail. This is a magic place of mini prehistoric monsters and it's totally different than all the other attractions you would see in Orlando. I first bumped into a wild Gator In Belize, at least i think it was. It had a pointy snout and teeth and it didn't half make my backside tweak when i saw it. They have very neat and interesting displays about different types of alligators and crocodiles and it's the only attraction around where you can See the true Florida. Kids are fascinated by the great shows they put on at Gatorland.


Located in the heart of Disney world at the contemporary resort marina. This is another magic place where you can go para sailing or take a trip around the seven seas lagoon. Start of with a delicious breakfast at the wave and then of you go para sailing and up in the air you can see all of Disney and downtown Orlando. The prices can be a bit high, but it's well worth it for this once in a life time experience. You can also go on a jet skiing tour through Disney, seeing everything from Space mountain to Cinderella's castle and the helpful guide will stop and answer any questions that you have on the way.


Located at Seaworld drive Orlando, this is a tropical oasis paradise,where you can swim with the dolphins and there is other fantastic wildlife and snorkeling. Again it can be expensive, the breakfast is minimal, however the lunch menu is great everything is included even beer if you want it. But the best things are the interaction with the animals. Kids love petting the rays and swimming with the Dolphins. Also the can feed the birds and rays and the beautiful tropical fish and you can also get a tour of the shark reef, but i would not advise watching Jaws before you do that. The whole day can last from about 9 am - 3pm, so it's well worth a family day out and it keeps the kids totally entertained

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Joe Smith said...

Orlando is evergreen place and is located in central of Florida. Orlando is tropical haven paradise on earth where you, kids and any age person can have fun in this beautiful place.