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Monday, 28 December 2009


A long journey

This all started early in 1976.A few months before the Guatemalans who claimed Belize(then British Honduras) for there own,threatened to invade the country.So we sent out 4 harriers and 4 puma helicopters as support for the army garrison stationed in Belize.

I was stationed at a large supply depot in the middle of England i was part of a tactical refueling wing. I had not long been married and my son was only 3 months old,when i was told that i had to go to Belize. So i packed my things, and said a tearful goodbye to my wife and sons and we drove down tho lyneham to board a Hercule's transport aircraft. The Hercules is a propeller driven aircraft so it was going to be a long uncomfortable journey.The cargo is down the middle and you have these horrible webbing type seats down the side.

The first stop over was in Gander in Newfoundland Canada, which was a relief cause most of us smoked and because there was dangerous air cargo on board you could not have a fag. The other thing was that the temperature was -20 degrees Celsius and we only had tropical gear with us. So it was a mad dash to the air terminal before certain parts of the male anatomy froze and dropped off.

The next part of the journey was to Nassau in the Bahamas and this was the worst. I don't know if anybody believes in the Bermuda triangle theories,but i am almost certain we flew through it. We hit this really bad weather and the aircraft was shaking and vibrating like hell and then we seemed to drop like a stone before regaining control. Everybody was airsick including some of the crew. There was only one toilet on-board and that was one of these small chemical ones. So that was overflowing. The pilot said it was the worst weather he had ever seen.

So by the grace of God we eventually made it to Nassau,but as soon as the rear ramp was dropped the heat was overwhelming and it made the stench even worse. So we had to clean the inside of the aircraft out before we could get a refreshing shower ourselves. We had to go round Cuba to get to Belize but that leg of the journey was as smooth as a baby's bottom,but i never ever want to fly through weather like that again in my life.
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